11 Sep 2006

Do you find swimming has aided your cycling?

It's certainly given me a base fitness to work with, and my experiences throughout the years I've been swimming are helping me deal with all the new things being thrown my way, as I'm literally diving in the deep end!

What does cycling involve in terms of technique and is there anything about competing that you particularly enjoy?

It's been about getting my lines right around the track, and getting out of the start gate and up to speed as quickly as possible.

Fortunately I get to train in Manchester on the track with the likes of Chris Hoy and Jason Queally and they're both Olympic champions in my event, so it's really good to learn from the very best!

Also you can't beat flying round the banking of the Newport Velodrome at 40mph - it's amazing fun!

What are the benefits of living in Swansea for your training?

The hills! They were a bit of a shock to start with as I’m originally from the Fens which is pan flat - you only have to worry about the wind or tractors out there!

My climbing's improved and I think that in turn has improved my pedalling technique and made it more powerful and consistent than it was.

What are your plans for the future?

To keep training hard, and continue to improve - I want to pull on a GB jersey in Beijing.

What's your favouriote way of chilling out before a major competition or do you have any pre-race rituals?

My iPod goes with me to all competitions and camps! I get some good tunes playing and I find it easy to chill.

I used to have pre race rituals with swimming, but I've competed so little in cycling I’ve not really got any as of yet. I'm sure some things will start to become ritual as and when I put in good performances!

What would be your advice to adults and children with a disability who want to get involved in sport?

Do something you enjoy because it's a great way of meeting people and keeping fit. With the introduction of Paralympic competitions, there are goals for anyone to take it to the highest level.