Making the decision to get fit might be an easy one but sticking with it can be anything but. Research shows that 50% of those who make the commitment to get fit will hang up their trainers within six months after a lacklustre exercise effort.

The story will be familiar to many – you try something new only to give up in boredom, frustration, difficulty or annoyance. And then back into your sedentary routine you slip!

If your commitment to get fit lasts as long as a Mr Whippy in a heat wave and you thought you were doomed to life as a fitness dilettante, you might be surprised to learn that the trick to sticking with any exercise program is choosing the right one for your personality. Bike Ride

The more a routine suits your mind-set, the more you're likely to stick with it and see results. Sussing out whether you are the spontaneous mountain biking sort or self-motivated running type might just help you make the lifelong switch from a sedentary life to a more active one.

All adults should be notching up 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity five days a week – easily achievable if you pick a perfect match for your personality, but an uphill struggle if it’s half an hour of mismatched misery.

In support of the Welsh Assembly Government’s Health Challenge Wales scheme, the Sports Council for Wales has drawn on research carried out by The Physician and Sportsmedicine journal to help you figure out your exercise personality. Drawing on seven psychological dimensions, the findings of the study might just help you unlock your exercise potential.