Sports Clubs Wales

The Sports Council for Wales through the "Framework for the Development of Sport and Physical Activity" acknowledge that

"The bedrock of the domestic structures is the club…Therefore; SCW will focus on coaching, long term athlete development and club development."

The National Governing Bodies Services Department (NGBS) has developed a website to provide National Governing Bodies, Local Authorities (LA), sports clubs, physical activity clubs and a whole host of other organisations / individuals with clear practical guidance and helpful advice for things such as;

  • how to set up a new club – a step by step guide of things to consider;
  • how to improve/develop an existing club;
  • downloadable resources/templates/policies – e.g. constitutions, job descriptions, club action plans, welfare information;
  • help on how to find a club/facilities in their LA area;
  • advice on how to recruit & retain volunteers/helpers for a club.

The aim of the Sports Clubs Wales website is to help establish more clubs and make the existing clubs better clubs. The website consists of 2 main sections:

  • ‘Starting and Developing your Club’
  • ‘Taking your Club Further’

Within each section you will find simple explanatory text covering the following sub-sections.

  • Members;
  • Coaching;
  • Volunteers;
  • Playing Programme;
  • Facilities / Funding;
  • Managing your Club;
  • Welfare;
  • Fairness for all.

Also available on the website are downloadable resources for each of the sub-sections along with links to LA’s and NGB’s

The Sports Club Wales website was launched in July 2007 - click here to access.