A new year is upon us once again which means it’s time to put all the failed good intentions of 2006 behind us and look forward to achieving some new ones in 2007.

No sooner does the clock strike midnight that you’re bombarded with a barrage of questioning from well-wishing friends relating to how exactly you’re planning to accomplish the impossible in the year ahead - fulfilling a New Year’s Resolution for the first time in history!

True, the likelihood of it being a rehashed version of a former unfulfilled pledge is very high. Indeed, how many of us have vowed to get back into the gym and back into our swimsuits by the summer, only to fall at the first hurdle when the leftover rejects from the Quality Street tin come calling?!

The majority of us hopelessly try to justify our failures and inactivity with reasons as tired as the mandatory re-runs of The Sound of Music.

In 2007 The Sports Council for Wales challenges you to avoid slipping back into your old routine and keep the promise you made to yourself on the 1st of January. It’s time to tackle your excuses head-on, dig out those trainers and set off on your quest to attain the new you in the New Year!

Follow the A-Z guide to kick-starting your fitness regime and this time next year, your resolution will be not to GET FIT but to STAY FIT! Here’s hoping…