If you have an idea to get people more active, the Sports Council for Wales can set you on your way to realising its capability.

This could include:

  • Offering advice and guidance on the type of activities held within community buildings
  • Providing grant support and small revenue grants to promote physical activity programmes or start-up projects
  • Providing a simple tick sheet or audit paper of what activities can be played or organised and where
  • Identifying instructors or leaders to run sessions and access funding for volunteer coaches to increase their qualifications


You may be entitled to direct funding from the Sports Council, which could fund start-up costs, equipment, promotion, instructor hire or training and taster sessions. These are available through a number of channels including Community Chest, Minor Grants and Sportsmatch Cymru funding schemes.

Regardless of your motive or objective, whether it be performance orientated or a community-building exercise, the Sports Council might just have a funding scheme perfectly tailored to your particular needs.

COMMUNITY CHEST is a National Lottery funded grant aid scheme designed to encourage more people to become more physically active, more often. The maximum grant is £750 in any 12 month period and funds totalling almost £1.6 million have been earmarked for 2007.

The scheme supports projects which will create new or improved sport and physical activity opportunities that are additional to what is already in place and would not be able to happen without a grant.

This could include funding for:

· Equipment, kit, and improved facilities

· The installation of bike racks or showers

· Coach education courses to promote sustainability

· New sports leagues targeted at specific age groups