SPORTSMATCH CYMRU is a business incentive scheme providing a vital link between the commercial sector and the development of grass-roots sport. It offers sports clubs and governing bodies support with projects that increase grass-roots participation, matching investment by the private sector pound for pound.

Sport is a major player in our communities and in society at large. And as Wales continues to underline its sporting stature by attracting major sporting events to the country such as the FA Cup and an Ashes Test match in 2009 to its shores, we have all seen how sport can impact on the welsh economy.

With the aim of giving business an incentive to support more grassroots sport, Sportsmatch Cymru can allocate awards of between £500 and £15,000 on a £1 for £1 basis.

Indeed, partnerships with projects which increase opportunities for juniors, women and girls and people with disabilities have flourished.

The Table Tennis Association of Wales is revelling in their recent successes. Not only have match results in the arena been impressive, the association now has cause for celebration off court having secured five sponsorship deals to the tune of £7,950 in 2005

Matching the award ‘£ for £’ the Sports Council for Wales Sportsmatch Cymru scheme took the total award to almost £16,000. The mammoth cash sum enabled the Association to press on with its development programme.

The national programme will deploy development officers to all regions in Wales to promote the sport and increase participation and performance. By encouraging more newcomers to enter the arena, the Association are confident that the future of table tennis in Wales will be a bright one.