4. New Year really hits when we return to work, only to be reminded of all the tasks we mischievously cast aside in the week before Christmas. It’s inevitable your inbox will be flooded again at some point during the year so be prepared.

Don’t: punish yourself by trying to squeeze in too much, especially when you’re tired or busy.

Do: listen to your body. While doing a session at 60% effort is far better than missing it entirely, overstretching yourself can do more damage than good. If you have a particularly busy week, cut down to 1 or 2 sessions for the week and give your body the rest it needs before getting back into full swing when you’re ready.

5. Realistically, we’re all prone to falling off the healthy-eating band wagon during the festive season and unless you’re a real winter Scrooge, you won’t resist temptation as soon as the clock strikes midnight and the left-over chocolates are passed around.

Don’t: deprive yourself of all your favourite foods as you may easily become disheartened and start lacking motivation to remain physically active.

Do: include long walks, cycles or gym sessions at a brisk pace to burn fat if losing weight is your main goal.