There has been such an influx of watery weather rolling into Wales of late, that collective groans have been heard spreading across the country, because unless you’re passionate about your umbrella, the idea of going outdoors for a healthy half hour of physical activity is not particularly enthusing.

aerobicsBut there’s no need to feel a slump in spirits just because autumn is starting to rear its ugly head. It’s worthwhile taking a look at what your local leisure centre has to offer. Most of them offer an invaluable range of classes which are not to be underestimated.

In the past aerobics has been underpinned by images of scantily clad females so it’s understandable that making motions to music might seem humiliating for any beginner.

Now with its additional styles ranging from ‘body-pump’ to step or dance, including body-jam and urban funk, aerobics is arguably one of the most enjoyable ways for both men and women of any age to start stepping into regular physical activity.

Classes are great for helping you stick to a routine that fits around your lifestyle, in an environment where you’re bound to make plenty of friends and enjoy working out at your own pace under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

The Sports Council for Wales has asked Mari-Wyn Elias Jones, a professional aerobic instructor, for her 10 top tips to get you motivated for aerobics….

1 Don’t be put off thinking everyone is going to be skinny and super-fit – there are all sorts of shapes, sizes and ages who take part.

2 Find a class that suits you – there are many different types of aerobics including body-pump, dance and step – look for ones that enable you to work through different levels starting from beginner, to intermediate and upwards.

3 If you can’t go to a session in the morning try one straight after work and choose somewhere close to your workplace so you’re more likely to go – anytime after 8pm and your body will feel too tired.

4 Turn it into a social occasion - join a class with friends or partners or go along and make new friends.

5 Step into the Stella McCartney style and buy yourself a snazzy aerobics outfit which you’ll look great in and treat yourself to trainers with a bit of bounce.

6 Don’t worry about it being too hard – good aerobics classes will cater for all different levels of intensity within the same workout so you can choose a pace to suit you.

7 Put on some funky music which you’ll really enjoy moving to and use it to pump out any daily stress.

8 Treat yourself to trendy gadgets like a heart-rate monitor or pedometer so you can clock up those steps and remind yourself how hard you’ve worked.

9 Don’t be put off if you’re feeling slightly achy after your first session – remind yourself of the reason why you decided to give it a go in the first place – after that you’ll feel better and better.

10 Have a special bag ready to go with all your favourite essentials including towels, snacks, drinks and shampoo for afterwards.