With more of us working excessively longer hours and losing sleep due to work-related stress it’s important not to let time, energy or motivation become your exercise demons.

REMEDY: Incorporate physical activity into the rhythm of your day. Gentle exercise does not have to disrupt your timetable. Consider physical activity as time that can be woven into your working day, not an additional chore. It can easily be broken down into practical bite-size chunks that fit in with the flow of your day – such as two 15 minute walks to and from the car or bus.

You don’t have to pump yourself to near explosion at the gym to actively purify yourself. Add some adventure to your lifestyle by getting involved in netball, jogging, squash, swimming, or a football five-a-side network. Take your partner to a beginner dance class, or simply get up, get out and explore some of the Welsh wilderness.


While stress accumulates throughout the working day, gentle exercise is proven to relieve stress, depression and improve concentration and co-ordination.

REMEDY: Exercise to flush out daily irritations. Use exercise to eradicate all the tangled emotions. Vent your frustration at fencing, whack out your woes with a tennis racket, stomp out your anger with a kick-boxing club, or soothe aggravations with a gentle session of yoga or Pilates. Daily irritations can be used to fuel your workout, so channel all your frustration into achieving your physical goals.