A must for mums is to get out and about with the pushchair. Walking is a first-class calorie burner so invest in an all-terrain buggy and get going!

Strollercising is the latest type of postnatal workout that’s whipping new mums into shape nationwide – and keeping the little ones entertained in the process.

The idea is to use your pram as a piece of fitness equipment and doing exercises that actually rely on it, or workouts that can be done while your child is in it.

Start out at an easy pace for about five minutes to warm up your muscles then speed up to a brisk pace. Walk quickly, keeping good posture and breathe deeply. After 30 minutes, you could very well have shed over 100 calories.

YogaBaby Yoga

A great idea for new mums looking to kick start their fitness regime without having to rely on a babysitter! Focussing on movement, breathing, massage, sound and relaxation, it enhances the well-being of both parent and child because it includes the baby. Simple gentle movements, balances and swings can help baby digestion, while strengthening the upper chest region, arms and back muscles.

Exercise Videos

Another option is to use an exercise video at home with your baby nearby. Just make sure he or she is safely sleeping or secure in a baby seat, high chair, or playpen where there is no danger of tripping over them. Chances are, they’ll even get a kick out of watching you dance! Try mother-of-three-Davina McCall’s ‘My Pre And Post Natal Workouts’ video. With the help of her personal trainer, Jackie Wren, they have put together two safe, low-impact routines, which feature elements of toning, stretching, Pilates and relaxation for women of all ages at any stage of pregnancy including a specially devised routine to do 6 weeks post birth which focuses on getting your pre-baby body back.