As Mother’s Day approaches and attention turns to giving mums some TLC, the Sports Council for Wales is calling on mums to start thinking about looking after own health and wellbeing. Mum swimming small

Their latest survey revealed that less than one third of women in Wales are active enough to benefit their health, which is why they’re urging mums stop putting exercise on the backburner and start get a bit creative when it comes to getting fit.

Juggling a partner, children, relatives, friends and a boss is tough. There are barely enough hours in the day to do the things you have to do, let alone the things you’d like to do. So if someone suggested you give up some of your time to exercise they’d probably get a torrent of abuse and be given 101 reasons why you can’t.

But adding a bit of activity into an overflowing mix of commitments isn’t the crazy idea that it seems. It isn’t about booking a babysitter so you can spend an hour in the gym, or abandoning the family meal in favour of pounding the pavements. There are ways of getting active that won’t interfere with tight schedules and the demands of children.

You only need notch up 30 minutes five times a week which can be split up into 10 or 15 minute chunks. Remember too that everything from making the trip to the shops on foot, walking to the sandwich shop at lunchtime, taking the kids out on their bikes, or even a kick about with them in the park counts towards your quota.

Chair of the Sports Council for Wales Philip Carling said: "Exercise shouldn’t be seen as an add on; it’s an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and everybody should take some form of it. Build a bit of activity into the things you have to do and you should find it easy to notch up your 30 minutes up throughout the day. Remember too that the benefits are plenty – exercise helps relieve stress, anxiety, improves strength and stamina and sleeping patterns and can aid relaxation."

In support of Welsh Assembly Government’s Climbing Higher strategy - a new national focus to improve levels of health in Wales – the Sports Council has come up with a few ideas for mums struggling to find time for physical activity. Whether you’re a stay at home or working mum, have a newborn on your hands or teen to contend with, you should find something for you.