Do you know the facts behind exercise? Most us know that we should be doing it, but it gets a bit hazy when it comes to the details of what, when, why and how long for. Heart Rate

The Sports Council for Wales has devised a quiz to help you decipher the fitness facts from the fitness fiction.

1. The recommended level of activity for adults is:

a. 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity, five days a week

b. 30 minutes of high intensity activity, three days a week

c. 10 minutes of gentle exercise, every day

d. 1 hour of moderate intensity activity, six days a week

All adults should be active for at least 30 minutes on five days of the week at a moderate level. Moderate is anything that makes you feel warm and gets you slightly out of breath, which means you can count everything from brisk walking to belly dancing and golf to gardening. You can also split your 30 minutes into chunks, like three lots of 10 minutes or two lots of 15 minutes, making the whole thing much more achievable. (correct answer: a)

2. At what age should you stop exercising?

a. 50

b. 65

c. 90

d. You’re never too old to exercise.

People often confuse lack of fitness for the signs of ‘getting on’ and enter an activity slowdown. While it might seem like the natural thing to do, putting your feet up in later life puts you on the slippery slope leading to dependency and ill health. Experts say the older body performs far more efficiently when you exercise. While rest and relaxation is important, it is vital that you fit in regular activity to stay active, healthy and independent. There are no side effects from exercise, as long as it is done correctly. Before you start seek the advice of your doctor, especially if you suffer from heart disease, arthritis or asthma. Even so, there should be some form of exercise out there for everybody. (correct answer: d)

3. How many adults in Wales are active for the recommended levels?

a. 82%

b. 68%

c. 53%

d. 34%

Only 34% of adults are active enough for the recommended 30 minutes on five days. This means that two thirds of the population are at an increased health risk. In order to enjoy better health, we must get more physically active as a nation, and it’s up to every one of us to play our part. (correct answer: d)