4. How many calories do you have to burn to lose one pound of fat?

a. 1000

b. 2500

c. 3500

d. 5000

To lose one pound, you need to burn 3500 calories. So, if each day you cut 250 calories from your typical diet and burn off 250 calories through exercise – a total of 500 calories a day – you’ll lose approximately one pound a week.To maintain a healthy weight, you have to watch what you eat – even if you’re exercising regularly. You might be burning more calories than you would if you were sedentary but that doesn’t give you the green light to indulge. Strike a balance between the number of calories you take in and the number you burn through daily activity. (correct answer: c)

5. What is generally regarded as the ‘perfect’ form of exercise?

a. Swimming

b. Jogging

c. Walking

d. Cycling

Described by health experts as 'almost perfect exercise', walking requires no equipment or expense and is the ideal way for most people to become more active. The health benefits of walking are renowned. Medical research proves that regular walking can halve the chance of coronary heart disease; reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels; it can help reduce weight and maintain weight loss; increase bone density and help fight osteoporosis as well. But don’t let you put that off the other three. Swimming is great low impact activity, jogging is an ideal weight bearing exercise and cycling is an effective aerobic exercise. (correct answer: c)

6. If one pound of fat burns two calories a day, how many does one pound of muscle burn?

a. 2

b. 100

c. 50

d. 75

You can burn more calories, every hour, every day, even while sleeping by building up muscle. When you add muscle to your body, you are increasing your basal metabolic rate - the number of calories you burn each day at rest – so for every pound of fat you replace with muscle you’ll be burning an extra 48 calories. We aren't talking about Schwarzenegger-like muscles, just toning your legs, arms, stomach and shoulders. And don’t be fooled into thinking you have to lift weights; regular brisk walking is enough to build leg muscles. (correct answer: c)