Business leaders are suited to physical activityAre you the definitive business leader of today, or think you have what it takes to be one? Then push your pen aside and pull on some trainers because you could be Wales’ sporting superstar of tomorrow.

A study published in March 2007 by Siemens - the High Performance Partner of the GB rowing team - looked at the psychological profile of a winner, and found that business leaders share the same attributes as world-class athletes from the GB Rowing Team.

Results show preparation, self-belief and the ability to learn from mistakes to be the most common drivers to success in business – and sport – with several business leaders demonstrating these winning characteristics.

"We’ve found a number of common qualities that run across business and sport that clearly characterise what it means to be a winner," said Teresa Frost, Head of Talent Management at Siemens Communication – sponsor of GB Rowing.

And, such like-minded business skills aren’t only suited to world-class sport, but can be assigned to physical activity at any level, whether walking, cycling, going to the gym or generally getting active, throughout everyday life.

It underpins guidelines set by Welsh Assembly’s Climbing Higher strategy – the national focus to get people in Wales becoming a fitter a healthier nation, led by the Sports Council for Wales.