GB Rowing Team psychologist, Chris Shambrook, thinks good sleep is necessary to maintain a healthy working mantra. He said:

"There has been extensive research carried out into sleep patterns and how this affects performance. By not over or under sleeping, workers are more productive. Those that are less productive find themselves under-achieving and having to do longer hours at work, causing a vicious circle of long working days and little sleep."

Regular physical activity can help regulate sleeping patterns disrupted by stress or tension accumulated through the working day.

Moderate exercise lasting 20-30 minutes urges the brain to compensate for the physical stress by increasing deep sleep. The result is that people who exercise regularly have fewer episodes of sleeplessness and sleep more soundly.

And though waking more refreshed may not signify the dawn of a Workplace Olympics, it shows our clear-eyed Welsh business leaders could dictate a new generation of fitter and healthier sport-savvy stars.