If you’re looking for an exercise that will help shift pounds rather than £s then why not take a trip down nostalgia lane and dig out your skipping rope! Skipping will give you an intensive cardiovascular workout and could see up to 300 calories melt away over 60 minutes.

All you need is a skipping rope, plenty of space and a good pair of trainers!

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Roll back the years and dig out your vintage roller boots, ladies, for roller-skating has experienced a retro resurgence!

Heather Graham played the skating Roller Girl in "Boogie Nights." Britney Spears signed her name to sparkly Sketchers roller skates in 2002. And, Jessica Simpson and celebrity friends Eva Longoria and Christina Applegate skate through a Texas roller disco in the video for her new single "A Public Affair."

Jessica Simpson

Skating offers similar cardiovascular, fat-burning and muscle-building benefits as running - minus most of the impact on the joints. A vigorous hour-long skating session can burn up to 600 calories, Then there's the balancing act required to stay upright. Add the 5-pound skates you're wearing, and you've got yourself one major aerobic workout!

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CONTACT: Many sports and leisure centres have regular rollerblading sessions indoors. Make sure you have decent equipment and safety gear!


Step out of the front door with the family in tow and set out to discover some stunning parts of the Welsh countryside. If you fancy going a little further a field you could always negotiate costal paths and cycle trails and discover all that Wales has to offer – beautiful scenery, country parks, lakes, mountains and coastline make it a captivating place to tour. Scan your local area to find a centre that hires out bikes and get pedaling!

All you need is a bike, a cycling helmet, a good pair of trainers and a safe place to cycle.

If you live close enough to work dig out the bike that has lay dormant in your shed and start pedalling. If travelling to work on two wheels is out of the question, use the evenings and weekends.

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CONTACT - Contact SUSTRANS – www.sustrans.org.uk and – for details of the National Cycle Network or the Welsh Cycling Union – www.cyclewales.org.uk and – for details of clubs in your area


Jogging might just be the ultimate way to get fit! It’s cheap, can be done anywhere, at any time and – most importantly – is very effective.

As long as you’re healthy and take it easy to start with, anyone can run. Run at a pace which you can still hold a conversation. If you’re getting too breathless to talk, slow down or walk until you’ve recovered – then set off again!

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CONTACT: With the race for life looming, now is the perfect time to pull on your trainers. It’s not too late to get involved – visit www.raceforlife.org for races in your area.