The Welsh countryside is covered by a network of footpaths and tracks, and the options are limitless. Regular brisk walking will not only improve your level of physical fitness but it will also increase your mental alertness and emotional wellbeing too.

You can walk from place to place in true backpacking style, or stay in a village for a week or so, exploring the surrounding area on gentle day-walks.

Walking one mile in fifteen minutes burns about the same number of calories as running a mile in 8.30 minutes. Walking two miles a day, three times a week, can reduce your weight by one pound every three weeks together with a healthy eating regime.

CELEBRITY FANS – Davina McCall, Hermione Norris

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Strollercising is the latest type of postnatal workout that’s whipping new mums into shape nationwide – and keeping the little ones entertained in the process.

Kacey Ainsworth

The idea is to use your pram as a piece of fitness equipment and doing exercises that actually rely on it, or workouts that can be done while your child is in it.

Start out at an easy pace for about five minutes to warm up your muscles then speed up to a brisk pace. Walk quickly, keeping good posture and breathe deeply. After 30 minutes, you could very well have shed over 100 calories.

If you have a newborn baby, you should plan to take it easy at first. Remember that just going for a walk will work your muscles, exercise your heart and lungs, and relax your mind.

Always consult your GP if you’re planning on starting a new fitness activity after having a baby.

CELEBRITY FANS – Kacey Ainsworth, Davina McCall