You don't have to punish yourself by avoiding the treats - exercise is the keyN is for….naughty treats

What with Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas, we’re all apt to a little sugary self-indulgence and eating more than we’re used to over the winter months. Feeling festively plump, we tend to warrant giving the walk a miss and instead opt for a film on the sofa. And who can then resist when the wine and chocolates are passed around?

This Christmas, you don’t have to punish yourself with promises to avoid the treats - so long as you eat and drink in moderation. The key is to balance your calorie and sugar intake with regular physical activity.

Indulging in one large glass of wine will cost you 170 calories – so freshen your day with a 45 minutes walk and see how many people say Merry Christmas to you along the way. And cola drinkers take note! The high sugar content takes the count to 133 calories – so take your bikes out for a festive spin for 25 minutes.

Don’t fall into the trap of compensating for your festive indulgence with irregular bouts of furious exercise.

Do find a routine or pattern which suits your needs and your lifestyle and you’ll find it easier to sustain.

Don’t deprive yourself of all your favourite foods as you may easily become disheartened and start lacking motivation to remain physically active.

Do include a mixture of walks, cycles or gym sessions at a brisk pace to build general fitness or burn fat, depending on your main goal.