R is for…. resolutions

With January 2008 soon to be rolling in, it’s time to revitalise our health with a fresh start. But how do we ensure those New Years resolutions are kept all year round?

It’s important to remember that your health is for life, not just Christmas. Whether it’s sampling the dizzy heights of Wales’ crisp mountain-scapes in November fresh air, tracing the sandy coastline in a blue-sky February breeze or exploring the leafy countryside peaks and trails in December, physical activity is there to be enjoyed all throughout the cooler months.

To help us seize a healthy 2008 with both hands, The Sports Council for Wales has some tips to keep your resolution enthusiasm ticking round the clock, not just when it strikes midnight.

Don’t worry about how you might look or feel starting exercise because there will be plenty of like-minded people who feel the same way.

Do make a resolution to get physically active! January is a good time to combat any pre-physical activity anxieties. It’s the time of year when most local gyms or community-based centres start new classes and recruit beginners – enabling you to beat the humiliation by sharing your newborn enthusiasm with other New Year revolutionaries!

Don’t set yourself impossible goals or try to do too much at once.

Do break it down. The Welsh Assembly Government recommends that adults should be doing 30 minutes moderate activity five times a week. Try to set small long-term and achievable goals, week by week, that will help you keep it up regularly – whether it be as simple as adding five more minutes to your walk.