7 Nov 2008

With the autumn term now in full swing, algebra and Shakespeare are not the only things occupying the students’ minds, increasing numbers are dusting off their trainers and getting up and active.

Students at Builth High School are the latest in a long line of youngsters to demonstrate the variety of activities available through the 5x60 scheme by break dancing their way to fitness at their launch of the Welsh Assembly Government’s programme - aimed at getting young people in Wales more active.

Friday 14th November will see the pupils learning how to windmill, swipe and flare as break dancing demonstrations and workshops take place throughout the day. A dance troop from South Wales will be showing the 100 pupils from each year group how it’s done in 50 minute sessions, in preparation for their inter-school dance off in the coming Spring.

5x60 Officer, Emily Kendrick, explains:

"Although I’ve only been at the school for just over a month, I think the scheme has been a huge hit with the pupils and everyone, including staff, are on board. The pupils are very enthusiastic about what’s on offer and can’t wait to get involved in all the activities."

Emily continues:

"We’ve started six clubs so far which include street dance, studio cycling, swimming and mountain biking. The launch of 5x60 in the school will give the kids a taster of the activities available to them and hopefully encourage them to get involved; a lot of them can’t wait to get started!"

October 2006 saw the launch of the £7.6million 5x60 scheme in 39 schools and just two years on the playing fields and sports halls of 98% of the secondary schools across the country have been transformed into hubs of bustling activity.

5x60 has been introduced to continue the momentum started by the Sports Council for Wales’ Dragon Sport scheme – the highly acclaimed lottery funded programme which facilitates the delivery of extra-curricular sport and physical activity in primary schools across the length and breadth of Wales – and provides pupils with a mixed bag of opportunities which are based on those available in the local area.

Proving the most popular among girls is dance which features right at the top of the league table while football, fitness and cheerleading are also favoured. Meanwhile, boys tend to swerve towards dodge-ball but they also beat a path to the football pitch and basketball court.

Chair of the Sports Council for Wales, Philip Carling explains:

"We have been delighted by the success of the 5 x 60 programme which concentrates on providing physical activity for schoolchildren who are not part of the rugby, football or hockey and netball groups though the traditional sports are included the programme.

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