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Sport Wales’ Vision for Equality

Sport Wales is fully committed to achieving equality in sport and physical recreation. Sports Waless Equality Scheme outlines our proactive approach in this area. It sets out our commitment in working towards achieving equality in all of our functions, whilst embracing the spirit of equality legislation and eradicating any form of unfair discrimination.

Sport Wales Equality scheme

We believe strongly in the principles of equality. Recent changes to equality legislation have placed an enhanced responsibility on public sector organisations to ensure they adopt a proactive approach to equality. As such, Sport Wales is promoting a corporate approach to updating its Equality Scheme and associated Action Plan. There is recognition that the scheme is not an end in itself, but a means of taking action to meet the general and the specific duties. In the future the scheme will allow SCW to demonstrate how it has consulted, what action it has taken and the outcomes it has achieved.

The Sport Wales Equality Scheme is current as of September 2009. The Sport Wales Equality Action Plan will be updated each year in January, May and September.

Equality Impact Assessments

During 2009, Sport Wales undertook Equality Impact Assessments for six key functions, this included: Dragon Sport, 5x60, LAPA, Community Chest, NGBS and WIS. This work will be extended over the next few years

Equality Reporting

We have produced an overview of our progress in relation to Equality (April 2009-April 2010).

Further information

For more information please contact Emma Tobutt, Senior Officer for Equality and Child Protection

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