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Partnership Work

The introduction of Local Authority Partnership Agreements (LAPAs) by the Sport Wales is providing a foundation for a ‘Local Solutions to Local Issues’ approach to addressing sport and physical recreation participation, particularly for children and young people.

Behind this approach was recognition of the need to address the following areas:

  • Co-ordinated management of Sport Wales's programmes/initiatives
  • To develop a consistent, long term relationship with Local Authorities
  • That a ‘One-size-fits all’ approach was no-longer appropriate
  • Simplified administrative procedures
  • To develop a whole authority approach to the delivery of sport and physical recreation

Also imbedded in the LAPA are five ‘core’ principles which are common to all approaches: equality, Welsh language, sustainable development, communication and marketing and research and evaluation

At the heart of the LAPA is a Delivery Plan which follows the key themes identified in the Sport Wales Corporate Plan:

  • Active Young People
  • Active Adults
  • Performance (Sport)
  • Developing People
  • Developing Places