On the 13th of April, around 33,000 marathon hopefuls will take starters orders at the 28th Flora London Marathon. Bringing together world-class athletes, club runners, fun runners and costumed runners, all will be attempting to make it through the mammoth 26.2 mile course.


Not for the faint hearted, the race is a gruelling test of endurance that many will only ever attempt once. But if you’re one of the millions watching in awe from the comfort of your living room, there is an alternative way of getting in on some marathon action, without leaving you out of action and ruing the day you ever set yourself the challenge.

In an effort to up the activity levels of people across the Principality and in support of the Welsh Assembly Government’s Climbing Higher initiative, the Sports Council for Wales has set a substitute challenge. Rather than completing the 26.2 miles in a matter of hours, they are calling on you to target the distance in a much more achievable two weeks. And it doesn’t matter how you clock up the miles as long as you’re working your heart and lungs. So pick and mix your activity and skip, jog, cycle or walk your way to your own marathon endeavour.