SUMMER TIPS TO GET FIT for Ensure holidays are active

Yes, we all like to flop out and read a book on holiday but it is well worth scheduling in some activity time – whether it’s crazy golf in Llandudno or snorkelling in a tropical paradise.

Beaches, mountains, and lakes are all natural playgrounds and can be used to maximum advantage! If it’s a family trip you’re planning, you’ll be thinking of ways to entertain the little ones! Remember to pack items like frisbees, rounders kit or even croquets sets!Beach image

If you’re more of a city-breaker, walking tours can be found in most of the popular destinations and can often be the best way to get around and see the sights. And, while you’re in awe of architecture and enjoying the cultural delights on offer, you won’t even realise that you’re clocking up the miles. Remember to shove some comfy shoes in your suitcase!

R... Remember to get creative

We all the dread the time when the kids are a week into the school holidays and they are already bored...

To keep them amused, out of trouble and away from the computer games – get creative! There are plenty of things to do on your doorstep – if you put your mind to it.

Think about building a tree house or den, hosting a backyard cricket tournament or organising a Strictly Come Dancing competition.

Why not set up a garden treasure hunt? Make a map and lead clues to the treasure. Or design an obstacle course – they could weave through buckets, limbo under a pole and leap over a sandpit. Throw in a stopwatch too to get the kids interested in breaking their personal best!