Getting Physical in the Workplace

Can exercise make a difference?

If their energy could be bottled, wouldn't you hand it out to your workforce?Think of the most buoyant member of your team. The creative one who turns up every day and never loses focus. With an infectious zest for life, they’re an endless source of fresh ideas.

If their energy could be bottled, wouldn’t you hand it out to your workforce?

Whoever this person is, he or she probably takes regular exercise. The problem is, that makes them part of a dying breed in Wales. Low energy is becoming a national epidemic. And some argue it’s damaging the Welsh economy, with 3% of staff off sick at any given moment.

The problem is, lack of exercise can drive mind, body and soul into a slow decline. But you could fix the problem in your business by encouraging your staff to be more active.

Research shows that workers raise their productivity by up to 15% when they start to take regular exercise. And when they do, they’ll take 27% fewer sick days.

With a physical activity programme in your workplace you also stand to raise your company profile. The Welsh Assembly Government now recognises proactive businesses through the Corporate Health Standard - so by taking action you’ll be trading as a responsible and forward-thinking employer.

Whether you’re looking at your staff performance or the image of your company, a structured exercise programme could be the answer you’re looking for.

If your business could use that extra boost, the Sports Council can help you make the difference.