Getting Physical in the Workplace

Putting the snap, crackle and pop into Kellogg's

Kellogg’s has always kept its employees aware of nutrition, well-being and physical activity. But after a free health screening at its Wrexham branch, managers realised they had to take their commitment to a new level. The screening showed an overall decline in the health of their employees - with some workers even falling into the ‘at risk’ category.

Kellogg’s contacted the Sports Council about the problem, and we helped them put their new Fit for Life initiative into action.

We advised them to identify workplace ‘champions’ to lead low level physical activity sessions. And employees were soon encouraged to follow in their footsteps - progressing from a mile walking route around the factory to a sponsored hike up Mount Snowdon!

Staff have now begun playing five-a side football and clocking up healthy miles with a six-team inter-shift pedometer challenge. And with free use of Wrexham County Council’s leisure facilities, many have begun their own independent fitness regime.

The Sports Council’s Community Chest scheme has also part-funded a course in mountain walking, aiming to establish a family walking group run by employees who achieved mountaineering qualifications.

With the help of the Sports Council, Kellogg’s employees and their families are reaping the rewards of a healthier lifestyle.

Their success has even caught the eye of bosses across the border, with the company’s Manchester factories adopting the same activity programme. As ever, Wales is leading the way…