Getting Physical in the Workplace

Your plan of attack

Your plan of attackYou’ll be helping your business by keeping your staff active. But with so many options for physical activity, there are questions to be answered:

  • What activities appeal to your workforce?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are the needs of individuals?
  • Do you have the space you need?

The British Heart Foundation’s Think Fit! guide can help you find the answers. Here you’ll see a range of options for workplace activity, which we can help you implement with advice, support and funding.

As you explore these options, you may find it useful to appoint a Physical Activity Champion - someone who'll co-ordinate your programme by advising staff and keeping management focused on your mission.

Once your Champion is on board, their first task is to instigate an assessment of where you are now. By taking the pulse of the workforce, they’ll develop a snapshot of current activity levels and health needs. Then by assessing the workplace itself, they can pinpoint suitable spaces and facilities.

We’ll work with your Champion and offer guidance as you draw your conclusions, and turn your findings into a physical activity plan.

Of course a physical activity plan means different things to different workplaces:

  • for some its about balancing preferred activities with available space;
  • for some it’s bidding for funds to pay for instructors or staff training ;
  • for some it’s about purchasing storable equipment;
  • for others it’s a full renovation, installing a fitness suite, building an outdoor games area or converting an office space into a multi use activity area.

Your workplace could fall into any of these categories. Or more likely, your needs are unique to you. But you’ll need to tell us that.

Once you’ve put your plans into action, you should see an immediate difference. As stress levels dip and health improves you should recover 1 sick day for every 4 days taken. With morale and staff retention reaching new heights, you can look forward to new levels of productivity. And as a progressive employer showering staff with perks, you can attract fresh talent that will keep your business ahead of the game.

Just take a look at the Case Studies to see some of the businesses who’ve already seen the difference…