You and Your Workplace

Get Your Colleagues Involved

Are you a leader? Why not take the lead and organize some events and activities for your colleagues – they will almost certainly appreciate a bit of gentle encouragement. Bring back the bounce!

• Organize workmates into a company team for a team sport like football, volleyball or tennis. As well as boosting morale among your workmates, sport is an excellent networking tool. You could even join a league, or - by joining forces with other organizations - set up a league of your own;

• A lunchtime or after-work activity walking, jogging or cycling group is a simple way of getting active during your day. Set a regular date, such as meeting your colleagues every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm for a 30 minute walk;

• Create a buzz among your colleagues around physical activity and try an active fundraising challenge;

• Stair Climbing. Most offices have got them, so why not set colleagues a challenge like climb the equivalent of Mount Snowdon;

• Competition/league tables – bring a spot of competition into the frame and invite colleagues to take part in a league table of exercise;

• Think up some department challenges which will get everyone involved, such as miles walked or minutes spent exercising. Pitting one department against another will encourage colleagues to rise to the challenge.