You and Your Workplace

Why Should I be Active at Work?

1. Energy
Many people use the excuse that they don’t exercise because they are too tired without realising that it’s probably the reason they are tired in the first place. Rather than zapping energy, exercise works in the reverse and actually peps you up. So a lunchtime burst of activity might just help overcome that afternoon energy slump.

2. Stress
StressExercise relaxes the body and mind, helping to ease the stresses and strains of the day. You should find yourself more able to cope with your workload and will find it easier to relax after the work is done.Physical activity stimulates endorphins – the ‘happy hormones’ – so once you’ve completed your bout of activity the feel-good factor should kick in.

3. Improved sleep
By increasing your activity levels you should find that your sleeping patterns improve. After activity the body needs to recover resulting in a more restful and deeper type of sleep. The benefits of a good night sleep will be obvious the following morning and you will be more alert and full of energy throughout the day.

4. Increased mental focus
Anything that involves mental acuity – focus and concentration – is improved through exercise. Even something as simple as walking has been shown to clear the mind, improve creativity and problem solving.

5. You’ll live longer
Regular exercise can reduce the ageing process and help you enjoy a high quality of life for years to come. So as long as keep active throughout your working life and beyond, you will benefit from lengthy and healthy retirement.

6. Mood
Physical activtiy stimulates endorphins - the 'happy hormones' - so once you've completed your bout of activity the feel good factor should kick in.

7. Back pain
Staying physically fit can help reduce your chance of suffering from back and neck pain, which is one of the most common causes of workplace absence.

Improves your social life!8. Socialising
You might work in the same building, even the same office, but many of us never really get to know our colleagues. Exercise is a great socialising tool and offers the opportunity to mix in an informal setting.

9. Immunity
Busy air-conditioned offices and overcrowded workplaces are breeding grounds for cold and flu viruses, but exercise can double your chance of withstanding infection. You will boost your natural defences prior to infection by stimulating blood circulation and improving the body’s cardiac function. Exercise also eliminates toxins from the body through our lungs during heavy breathing and sweating.

10. Concentration
Even if you only have 10 minutes to spare, a short burst of activity will help improve concentration, efficiency, re-focus your mind and improve the quality and quantity of the work you do.