Active Adults

Funding Criteria

  • As a minimum, Free Swimming for adults aged 60 and over during all public swimming sessions outside school holidays. Local Authorities are encouraged to extend the provision to all public sessions throughout the year where this is possible.
  • A minimum of 1 hour per day per local authority, and a minimum of 1 hour per week per pool, will be dedicated to a free structured activty session such as swimming lessons, aqua aerobics / aqua chi. These activities should be targeted locally and ensure inclusive provision to, for example, older people with a disability, black and ethnic minority groups, Welsh speakers and other individuals and groups according to local circumstances, needs and priorities.
  • Authorities are encourgaed to provide support and incentives for carers of older people and those who facilitate access to the local free swimming programme - the evaluation will seek to identify best practice and innovation.
  • A key role for local authorities and their dedicated Free Swimming Coordinators will be to engage with the lublic generally and especially with individuals and communities that are most difficult to reach and most in need. This applies euqally to the 16 and under and the 60+ scheme.
  • It is important to note that older people are more likely to have a disability. Nearly half of the people with a disability in the UK are 65 and over, with the most common problems relating to movement, vision, and hearing. However, a numbert of health promotion initiatives and guidance for certain groups already exist, for example the 'Arthiritis Care Fit for Life: Guide to safe Exercise for people with Arthiritis', and the Wales Council for the Blind's 'Sport and Physical Recreation Strategy for People with Visual Impairments'.