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Ursula BowersUrsula Bowers – Welsh Netball Captain

Finding time to fit in activity around a working day is never easy, so it’s important not make excuses and really make the most of any gaps in the day. I have to fit training around work which can be a balancing act, but the rewards make it well worth it. It might not be the easiest option but getting out of bed 30 minutes earlier for some exercise will mean you have the rest of the day to yourself, and trust me you will feel so much better once you’ve done it.

Rhys Williams - European 400m Hurdles Bronze MedallistRhys Williams

Don’t let the weather scupper your fitness drive. With the right clothing you can exercise outside even when it’s cold or raining. It takes a bit more dedication and effort but once you’ve done it you’ll feel so much better for it. And once the warm weather breaks exercising outdoors will seem like a breeze.