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Community Halls

Community Halls like village halls are the hubs of activity with some offering classes ranging from the traditional to the extraordinary!

Yoga Class

As indoor-workout enthusiasts will testify, working up a sweat inside does have its advantages. And with the transition from great weather to foul weather, you may want to consider moving your physical activity programme inside for safety-and comfort.

Community halls offer the perfect space to run a multitude of physical activity classes and – most importantly - they give people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to make exercise and keeping fit a lifestyle choice rather than a lifelong chore!

High-energy, high-cardio workouts sessions such as aerobics and belly dancing are easy to organise and are great ways to maintain your physical activity routine – especially for those who do not have easy access to a leisure centre or gym. Fitness classes within your own community are also a useful way to meet new friends and neighbours who may help to keep you motivated.

Often the centre point of a bustling community, community halls can provide a convenient meeting point for those wishing to organise or to take part in a walking, jogging or cycling group. And hiring it out as a facility to host your own activity sessions couldn’t be easier. Just contact your local authority to find out more or visit the funding section of this website to discover the host of grants available which are designed to support the development of physical activity and sport in the community.