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Outdoor Spaces


If the outdoors is where you like to be, you just have to step outside of your front door to exercise.

Decorated with wild mountains, rolling hills, picture-perfect parks and fields and pristine beaches, Wales has plenty to offer those wanting to get active in the great Welsh outdoors and experience that feel-good factor that comes from the sun on your skin and fresh air on your face.

People of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to develop a life-long positive approach to health and fitness by simply stepping out on to their doorsteps and exploring the natural environment around them.

And there are a multitude of reasons to get outside to exercise...

It's free! Walking, running, cycling, swimming, climbing and even yoga and t'ai chi were all intended to be performed outside with the minimum of equipment and, as such, cost very little.

It's healthy Do your lunges, squats, jogging and cycling in the park rather than the gym and you’ll get a lungful of fresh air and a helping of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your body transport oxygen efficiently which is important when exercising as it encourages your muscles to work better.

Exercising outdoors requires us to overcome gravity, ground reaction forces and environmental factors such as wind, heat and cold, as well as changes in terrain. Due to these ever-changing demands our bodies are required to use more muscles than in comparable gym-based exercises and as a result more calories are used up.

Welsh LandscapeSo why not dust off your bike and take a ride around your village or find some great trails in the parks in your area. You can also walk, run, roller skate, or hike. Water babies might also want to get their exercise by canoeing, rowing, swimming, or kayaking at the plethora of outdoor activity centres dotted across Wales.

Instead of taking the same old turn around the local park, why not incorporate longer walks along nature trails or coastlines which include uphill climbs, slopes, forests or sand dunes to add some variety to your workout.

With its sprawling greens and spiky summits, the opportunities that await in the great Welsh outdoors are endless.


The Welsh countryside is covered by a network of footpaths and tracks, and the options are limitless. Regular brisk walking will not only improve your level of physical fitness but it will also increase your mental alertness and emotional wellbeing too. You can walk from place to place in true backpacking style, or stay in a village for a week or so, exploring the surrounding area on gentle day-walks.