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Sports Clubs

Long gone are the days of lining up against the playground wall for the ‘picking of the teams parade.’ Or so you thought! By joining a local sports club you can once again recapture those fading childhood memories of taking to the playing fields to face old adversaries in a good old sporting showdown.

Whether it’s badminton or bowls, archery or athletics, sports clubs offer a great opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to try their hand at a new activity or to brush up on those rusty skills once honed to perfection during those halcyon schooldays.

And you don’t even need any previous knowledge or experience to join. Some clubs even offer instructional and recreational opportunities. A fun day or taster event where members and potential members can go along and sample what’s on offer is a good way to kick things off.

Talk to friends, neighbours and colleagues to find out what they are interested in and then see what's already going on in your area. The local authority's sports development officer will be able to tell you if there's already a rounders or netball team in your community for you to join. If not, then you and your friends have the essential ingredients needed to establish your own club!

A club could be as informal as a group of cyclists or joggers meeting up every Sunday at a set time to go out for a ride or jog. You could even enter into, or create your own community league and do battle against fellow sports clubbers. The opportunities are endless.

Check out your local authority’s website for details on services available in your area or check out the Sports Clubs Wales website for advice on how to set up and maintain your own sports club.