Active Adults



People in their twenties are actively pursuing the goals and interests that will form the foundation of their adult lives. Pilates

During this time of life regular exercise will help you develop a maximum degree of strength, endurance and flexibility that is harder to achieve as you age. Studies have shown that our heart and lungs have to work harder to complete everyday tasks – though you may not feel it until you have to run for a bus or dash up a flight of stairs.

A combination of cardiovascular workouts to keep your heart and lungs toned and weight-resistance exercises will help to support the bone mass that is still developing. Go for enjoyable activities such as cycling, roller blading or join a new dance class so that exercising doesn't become a chore. Another idea is to rope in some friends to start training for a half marathon. Getting involved in physical activity at a young age also helps hone those vital social skills and encourages you to forge links with new like-minded friends.