Active Adults


There’s something to suit every age – even those who like to act their shoe size!


Free SwimmingTake the whole family swimming and make the most of the Welsh Assembly Government’s Free Swimming sessions for children at Local Authority swimming pools over the school holidays.

To increase the fun factor, encourage older children to swim along with you and set mini challenges, such as who can swim the fastest length. If you have younger children take it in turns with your partner - or hook up with another mum or dad with kids of a similar age - to do lengths whilst the other monitors the children.


Walking not only burns more than 150 calories in 30 minutes but it can be a great way of spending quality time with your partner and children while keeping fit and getting plenty of fresh air.

Keep the pace brisk by putting babies and toddlers in prams and encourage older children to ride alongside on bikes. Of course, with little ones in a pram and older ones on their bikes there’s nothing to stop you picking up the pace even more by breaking into a run and burning up to 400 more calories per hour!