Active Adults

Older People

Over 50's Badminton, Welsh Institute of SportThe risk of osteoporosis becomes far greater for both men and women once they hit 50. Regular exercise can positively influence the condition and play a part in the rehabilitation process.

Muscle strength and bone density declines with age, decreasing the ability to perform daily activities and leaving you more prone to falls and injuries. By taking part in regular exercise, the elderly can also benefit from improved posture, balance and flexibility.

Staying physically fit has been found to help people maintain memory longer throughout their lives and the social benefits are plenty! You will discover that there are so many opportunities to meet with others in the community and keep active together.

It is important to seek the advice of a GP before embarking on an exercise programme - especially sufferers of heart disease, arthritis or asthma. The smallest of changes can make a big difference so it is never too late to get nifty and GO-AP!

Exercise is something that anyone can take up regardless of age or ability. People who prefer an individual sport can take up exercise such as walking or swimming but if you prefer company, there are a number of clubs and classes across Wales which will cater for your needs. Leisure centres are targeting more activities towards the older generation with classes specifically for the over 50’s.