Active Young People

Active Young People

Child Skipping

There is increasing evidence that active children become active adults. The children of today will be young adults in the 2020s. Investing in developing young peoples’ participation will create long term cultural change and life long habits leading to health gains as well as increasing participation in sport.

Young people have been the focus of much of the work of Sport Wales for many years. Children and young peoples’ participation in extra curricular and club sessions has increased dramatically during that time.

Whilst excellent progress has been made, there remain challenges including improving standards of physical education and increasing opportunities for children of all abilities to take part in well organised and clearly structured sport and physical activity.

The Active Young People work of Sport Wales seeks to:

  • Give children the skills and confidence to take part in sport and physical activity through the provision of high quality PE and the effective development of physical literacy;
  • Introduce children to an enjoyable and well organised range of sporting and physical activities;
  • Ensure the provision of opportunities for children to take part in sport and physical activity sufficiently frequently to confer health benefits;
  • Ensure children are motivated and supported to continue to take part in sport and physical activity, at their chosen level, throughout their lives;
  • Ensure that people are given the appropriate skills, confidence and understanding to deliver various opportunities in order to meet the above aims. To continue to develop and support these people through the provisions of continued professional development and other training and support opportunities.


Throughout all the Sport Wales work with children and young people, there are certain underlying philosophies. These are:

  • All children should achieve and feel success in PE, sport and physical activity, regardless of their ability. Whilst applicable for all children, this philosophy should be particularly demonstrated by an integrated approach to the inclusion of young disabled people;
  • All work must comply with acceptable standards of quality, fairness, transparency, accountability, equality, respect and bilingualism;
  • Children and adults should be helped to understand that playing fairly makes sport more fun and the principles of ‘Chwarae Teg’ should be encouraged throughout all our work;
  • Children and adults should learn the importance of regular physical activity for good health. Wherever possible, any approach should comply with good practice in other aspects of health promotion such as eating healthy snacks and drinking water;
  • Consideration should be given to the broader contribution PE, sport and physical activity can make towards wider life skills and the holistic development of the child;
  • Above all taking part in PE, sport and physical activity should be fun and enjoyable.

There are 3 main programmes to support Active Young People run by Sport Wales. These are:

Dragon Sport: a programme aiming to increase opportunities in extracurricular and community settings for 7-11 year olds;

PE and School Sport: a project aiming to raise standards of physical education in schools;

5x60: a programme to increase extracurricular opportunities in secondary schools.

Sport Wales also supports work linking schools with clubs and young peoples’ organisations and initiatives such as Free Swimming.

London 2012

Education and the 2012 Legacy: please follow this link to see the London2012 website, if you click on ‘get involved’ and follow the Education tab you will see that there are a number of activities for schools that can be accessed through a search engine called ‘on your marks’, these could be used in both curricular or extra-curricular time.

There is also a ‘VeloDream’ competition for pupils under the age of 16. WAG are looking for these resources and competitions to be accessed by schools in Wales. Let us know if you find anything useful or if schools in your area are using any of the resources.