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PE & School Sport

PE & School SportThe PE and School Sport (PESS) Project was set up in 2000 as a result of a task force report outlining the key actions required to improve standards of PE.

The project aims to raise standards in physical education by making sure that all schools:

  • Manage the subject effectively within the whole school curriculum;
  • Set challenging targets for raising standards in physical education and school sport;
  • Provide enough curriculum time to teach the requirements of the National Curriculum for physical education in all key stages;
  • Develop young people's physical skills from one year to the next and improve their understanding of the importance of health and fitness;
  • Raise standards in physical education and school sport by establishing accredited continuing professional development (CPD) programmes for all teachers;
  • Support schools in Wales to extend opportunities for school sport beyond the school day by improving the quality and the breadth of after school activities for all young people whatever their age, ability, ethnicity, gender or geographical location;
  • Establish Development Centre Partnerships and ensure they work together for the identification and development of good practice in PE and School Sport.

skippingThe PESS project is managed by the Sports Council for Wales on behalf of the Welsh Assembly. SCW is supported by a national implementation team drawn from PE specialists across Wales. These specialists are also consultants supporting the development of the specialist projects and a team of national trainers to support the delivery of a high quality training programme as part of the project.

Specialist Projects:

Certain areas of the curriculum have been identified as requiring concentrated support to develop national resources and/or approaches. These have developed into national specialist projects and progress can be found by visiting the Specialist Projects page.

Development Centre Partnerships:

Development Centre Partnerships have also been organised and the aims of these are as follows:

  • To raise standards in PE by ensuring that all schools have effective teaching and learning in PE, which is essential for achieving consistency of attainment and improvement in standards across Wales;
  • To be committed to managing the subject effectively within the whole school curriculum by providing 2 hours per week of high quality PE for each child, in order that teachers have sufficient time to deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum. In addition opportunities should be provided for teachers to prepare and plan for future changes to the curriculum and within education;
  • To develop continuity and progression in the development of young peoples knowledge, understanding and physical skills across the partnership and between the key stages.

For Further Details go to the PESS Development Centre Partnerships page.