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PESS Network Partnerships PESS

Local Authorities:

Each of the 22 Local Authorities has a LAPA (Local Authority Partnership Agreement) which includes the PESS funding allocation. The LA employs a line manager and Co-ordinator who oversees the local roll out of the PESS project. In addition the agreement covers the targets and the funding for the programme.

PE and School Sport Co-ordinators:

There are PESS coordinators based in every local authority in Wales who ensure the local delivery of the project. To find the contact person for your area please see the PESS co-ordinators list.

Higher Education Institutes:

Five of the HEI’s are part of a networking group who are establishing minimum standard outcomes for ITET and feeding into the development of a CPD programme for teachers. These HEI’s support the delivery of some of the PESS courses. For further information go to the Professional Development Page.

Community Dance Wales: Community dance Wales

This umbrella organisation and it’s members contribute to the PESS Dance project by providing advice and direction to the overall strategy and also developing courses to support teacher mentors, dance practitioners and teachers. For further information on the Dance Project go to the Specialist Projects Page.

Estyn: ESTYN

The HMI for PE contributes to the development of the key aspects of the project and has a role through WAG to monitor and evaluate the project by visiting local authorities and producing an annual report. The most recent evaluation of the PESS Project took place in 2007.

Estyn Report 2007 English Estyn Report 2007 Welsh