Active Young People

Development Centre Partnerships

Sustainable Partnerships:

A cluster of schools that is either receiving a small amount of funding or no funding (up to £2,000), but is continuing to work collaboratively to ensure the delivery of consistent high quality PE. These partnerships may continue to benefit from the support of the LA contact, PESS Co-ordinator or PESS consultant. They may also continue to be involved in PESS specialist projects and to benefit from the PESS CPD opportunities and resources.

Development Centres:

A cluster of schools that are receiving full funding (£7-12,000) to write and implement strategic and operational plans based on PE self reviews that cover a variety of aspects of teaching, learning and assessment in PE. This type of partnership will continue to test new and innovative ideas, methods and resources. Professional development opportunities will be designed specifically to meet the needs of the staff in the partnership schools. These partnerships will also be involved in designing the content and structures of the PESS specialist projects.

Focused Centres:

A cluster of schools that receiving a limited amount of funding (£2-6,000) to support a focused strategic and operational plan which is addressing one or two aspects of teaching, learning and assessment in PE that have been identified through the PE self review process. These partnerships will concentrate more on implementing good practice rather than testing new ideas and practices. The partnership schools will have PESS courses organised in line with their operational plans.

Professional Development Partnerships:

Clusters of schools accessing professional development opportunities and resources through local, regional or national programmes. In addition these schools may receive support from the Line Manager, PESS Co-ordinator and PESS Consultant. Access to good practice case studies and resources will also be made available to these schools.

PESS Planning Cycle:

PESS Development Centre schools are asked to use a self-evaluation process based on the Estyn inspection framework to review PE in their school at the beginning of their involvement in the PESS project. The findings of the evaluations are used to write a 3 year strategic plan in order to determine the priorities for the cluster of schools to work on. Annual plans and progress reports are submitted to access funding. Guidance notes and templates are available here.