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New courses will take in Autumn/Winter 2008. More information about the courses will be available soon.

A structured training programme is being rolled out to support the implementation of resources through primary schools. Several primary courses have run in different authorities in Wales. The evaluations from the courses have been extremely positive.

The secondary courses are being rolled out through HEI and PEA partnerships. Evaluations from the first courses are positive.

3 HEI’s are also running Welsh medium courses. Some schools have requested welsh medium courses which have been provided, bilingual resources have been an advantage to making this project available to all schools.


The Youth Sport Trust has been supporting the PESS project in producing the resources on CD Rom. The resources will only be available to schools that have received training in order to ensure that they are used appropriately and effectively. The resources include interactive CD Rom’s to support both the primary and secondary courses. In addition, interactive pupil booklets have been produced for the Foundation Phase and key stages 2 to 4.