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Continuous Professional Development

In 2001 the PE and School Sport Task Force recommended that priority areas for teacher development in physical education be identified and steps taken to address any gaps in provision. To that end, The Sports Council for Wales has conducted two surveys of teachers in Development Centres to assess confidence levels and the need for Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Survey Report 2008

The PESS CPD Panel selected three key ‘gaps’ for national development within the project:

1. Integration of pupils with additional needs or physical disabilities

2. Mentoring in Physical Education within primary schools

3. Risk Assessment

4. Subject Leader Training

5. Keeping Learning on Track

We have been working towards producing CPD opportunities and resources to address these issues.

This work is in addition to the existing specialist projects of Health Related Exercise, the use of ICT in PE, Gymnastics and Dance, for which training and resources are already being drafted to answer the needs identified by the PE and School Sport Task Force and the early Development Centres.

CPD Courses

Code of Practice:

The CPD-PE Standards and Code of Practice document has been produced in order to clarify the expectations teachers and providers of PE should share with regard to professional development opportunities. The document sets the standard for CPD-PE activities, supporting high quality provision throughout Wales.

Sport Wales has produced this Code of Practice in association with BAALPE as part of the PE and School Sport Project, which is funded by Welsh Assembly Government. Professional development opportunities are an essential part of this project. It is hoped that a willingness to follow this Code of Practice will help to raise standards throughout Wales.

Pess Code of Practice.


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