Active Young People

Young Ambassadors Wales

‘Every young person hooked on sport’ is an aspiration for Sport Wales. To achieve this it is crucial that a young person centred approach is adopted. This approach will empower young people to make their own decisions through consultation, leadership and ownership. The following statement identifies sports leadership as a key element of the Young Ambassador Movement:-YA_full_text_logo_270

"Empowering and inspiring young people to become role models and leaders through sport, by developing their confidence and skills in order to increase physical activity participation in others"

The Young Ambassador Movement aims to recognise and reward committed sports leaders in our schools and communities with further training and opportunities. These leaders will be identified through their involvement within the school curriculum (PE and wider), involvement with extra-curricular activities like Dragon Sport and 5x60 and involvement with clubs in the communities. Using the high profile impact that the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics will bring to Wales, the Young Ambassadors will act as role models and inspire other young people to participate in sport in their schools and communities.

Ali Amir