Active Adults

Outdoor Spaces

Cycling: Cycling

Like walking, cycling is a doorstep activity. Step out of the front door with the family in tow and set out to discover some stunning parts of the Welsh countryside. If you fancy going a little further a field you could always negotiate costal paths and cycle trails and discover all that Wales has to offer – beautiful scenery, country parks, lakes, mountains and coastline make it a captivating place to tour. Scan your local area to find a centre that hires out bikes and get pedalling!

Beach Activity:

If you fancy a kick-a-bout with your friends or family, this is a great way of burning calories – around nine per minute. Most local authorities will allow you to your dog on the beach during the winter months and running or even walking on soft sand will make your legs work like never before. The wide open space of the beach also makes it the perfect venue to fly that kite that’s been festering at the back of the shed for months on end!


A perfect holiday activity for many people. Exercising everything from legs, waist, arms and shoulders, the Frisbee is a good all-round activity that will burn around 6 calories per minute at lower intensities.


You can enjoy what nature has to offer underwater by snorkelling your way around the shallows. There will still be plenty to see and you will be burning off over 6 calories a minute.