Active Adults

Outdoor Spaces


It’s not just confined to tropical locations! Surfer-wannabes can test out the water in one of the hundreds of beaches across Wales. With surf hire shops springing up around the Welsh coastline, why not check out the range of surfing lessons available in the area or what watersports equipment is available for hire.


Volleyball is great fun and a fantastic workout for the whole body. Try beach volleyball for that extra bit of resistance!


A great family activity for all levels of fitness, and free! Visit the Countryside Council for Wales website for information on routes and events.

Horse Riding:

You might find four legs are better than two! Even if you’re a complete beginner, there’s a course out there for you. The Welsh countryside is dotted with horse riding stables offering lessons for people of all ages and abilities. What better way to see the Welsh landscape than on horseback!

Sailing and Windsurfing:

If the water’s your thing, lessons are available for beginners at watersports centres across Wales.



It can be as gentle or extreme as you wish. Many canoeists enjoy it as a way of exploring the rivers and lakes of the country. It also provides a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. Guided paddles and courses are offered by activity centres across the country for all ages and abilities.

Dry Slope Skiing:

There's no need to go all the way to the Alps to put on your skis and get going. Dry slope skiing isn't very expensive, but can give you the biggest adrenalin rush.