Organising Activities in your Community

From farmhouse to fitness.....

From farmhouse to fitness factory… Villagers enjoying the benefits of table tennis

Gwynedd-based community project Cyfeillion Croesor has transformed the farmstead of Garth Llwynog into a hub of recreation, hoping to revitalise village life with a range of physical activities.

The old farmhouse has long been a landmark in Croesor. Its redevelopment means that local people finally have a place to build their fitness, test out which activities suit them - all while indulging in some healthy socialising.

Cyfeillion Croesor needed help to purchase the sporting equipment that would get the scheme up and running. Following successful planning and application, the Sports Council helped them with a Community Chest grant of £749.

The grant helped fund the hall’s first wave of activities, which sees villagers enjoying the benefits of netball and table tennis. The group plans to introduce more equipment over time, and we’re helping to advise them on funding and planning further activities.

Garth Llwynog is now encouraging members to sample outdoor activities, making full use of the natural environment as well as community facilities. As a result, the scheme is making a real difference in the community - helping to boost social lives and self-esteem through sport.