Organising Activities in your Community

Moving good health closer to home

Fitness classes were out of reach for residents of Soffrydd in Blaunau Gwent. But thanks to a Community Chest grant, a new exercise class is finally making its way to their local community centre.

A community consultation revealed that around 20 residents were travelling to Abertillery for fitness classes, while others were struggling to make the journey. So the Local Authority resolved to offer an opportunity right on their doorstep, piloting a moderate exercise class for local health-seekers.

The Sports Council helped Soffrydd Community Centre secure their grant, to help cover equipment and tutor costs for an initial 10 week pilot scheme - aimed at attracting enough regulars to make the classes self-sufficient.

With Soffrydd residents now taking advantage of their ‘doorstep’ opportunity, the scheme has created a route to wellbeing at the heart of the community.