Organising Activities in your Community

Sports Clubs

Finding new members for… reach out to the community and extend your activities programme

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When you’re running your local sports club, you’re always on the lookout for new members and fundraising opportunities. And you could achieve both by reaching out to the community and extending your activities programme.

Whichever sport you’re involved in, you can use your facilities to raise your club’s profile and bring in extra revenue.

For example, have you considered…?

  • Getting parents active when they drop off their children;
  • Aerobics, dance or fitness classes in the clubhouse or outdoors;
  • Family fun sessions in your park or playing field;
  • Mixed social leagues - mixed netball or volleyball;
  • Walking, cycling or jogging groups starting and finishing at the clubhouse.

With a little effort, your club could become the community’s centre for physical activity. You could even invite local businesses to use your facilities. Or reach out and welcome less active groups into your scheme.

You could also try adapting your own sport to include the less agile. If you run a rugby club, why not involve ex players, veterans or mixed teams in TAG Rugby? If you’re an athletics club, how about introducing a walking section?

When you involve your community, your club can attract the interest of local schools, businesses and volunteer groups - a sure way of building a new stream of willing members.

By making the best use of facilities, you’ll be raising funds while doing what comes naturally – getting more people, more active, more often. And the Sports Council can help you do it.

A dedicated website has been set up covering all aspects of sports clubs. Sports Clubs Wales will provide practical guidance on how to start and develop your club to offer the best possible service to your members. It offers help on setting up and running a sports/physical activity club and provides lots of simple templates you can download and use.