Organising Activities in your Community

Ceredigion kids kick off for fitness

Borth children enjoying the Beautiful Game!When it comes to physical activity, necessity is often the mother of invention. And this was certainly true in the village of Borth.

With no junior football team available, local children had no opportunity to learn the health benefits of regular sporting activity. So a group of concerned mothers decided to establish a new team – and give their children the chance to enjoy The Beautiful Game.

By contacting the Sports Council for advice and support, the Bois y Graig Football Team was formed with the help of a £750 Community Chest grant.

The funding helped the fledgling team purchase essential equipment, while also covering the cost of training parents as First Aiders and Football Leaders.

The regular training and matches have already made a difference to nine children, and the Bois y Graig organisers are now looking to up their winning team to 15 players.

The team’s long-term aim is to keep expanding, giving more village children the opportunity to get on the pitch – and get them scoring more and more victories for good health.